published on 8/??/2022 edited 8/28/2022


yoooo i got ittttt less gooooo

mailto link

how did i get here?


no really

first things first i decided i wanted jased@jased.xyz for my “developer contact” on everything that wanted one.

after doing some extremely light research, i learnt that zohomail had everything i wanted.. which is just a custom domain

i sign up… oh my this was long

my phone number was in use to ANOTHER ACCOUNT, and i had to remove it from other said account.

i set up the new account and it wanted some dns reconds. understandable

dns records.

you know its bad when ^^^^^

SO, after a couple minutes of adding the records and after an hour with getting it to register, it just wouldnt. even with a TimeToLive set to 5 minutes with a priority of ninety nine, it wouldnt do it.


i did a test with emailing from my personal email to my new email

it didnt go through so i kept going on with the dns records and nameservers (which i didnt need by of the way) until finally… i gave up.

as a last ditch attempt i decided to email my personal email from my new email and finally…



this made me soo happy


i got jased.xyz now, so ye

** ==========–===-==-=-=-vusigui4bt4nn4uyunnutw4ntb7u4b= **

im tired